Privacy Policy

  • a. If you use Platform to Process Platform Data, you will provide and comply with a publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy.

  • b. This policy must comply with applicable law and regulations and must accurately and clearly explain what data you are Processing, how you are Processing it, the purposes for which you are Processing it, and how Users may request deletion of that data.

  • c. You may only Process Platform Data as clearly described in your privacy policy and in accordance with all applicable law and regulations, these Terms, and all other applicable terms and policies.

  • d. Your privacy policy will not supersede, modify, or be inconsistent with these Terms or any other applicable terms or policies.

  • e. You must retain all of your privacy policies in effect while using Platform and provide them to us if we ask for them.

  • f. You will maintain publicly available links to your privacy policies in the privacy policy field in the settings of your App Dashboard, as well as in any App Store that allows you to do so, if applicable, and ensure the links remain current and up to date.